If David Broder were a horse . . .

September 21, 2006

. . . he’d have been shipped off to the glue factory a long time ago.

If David Broder were a car . . .

. . . he’d have been sold for scrap during Clinton’s first term.

If David Broder were a chair . . .

. . . he could at least be reupholstered and made to look brighter and more useful.

But David Broder is a syndicated columnist for the Washington Post . . .

. . . and that means he’ll just go on writing silly shit like this until the crayon falls from his hand and he slumps face-first into his bowl of mush.  


6 Responses to “If David Broder were a horse . . .”

  1. Rix Says:

    Broder is one of those inexplicably in-demand “conventional wisdom” commentators who never says anything you haven’t already thought of. He never has an original idea, never an inside scoop (although he acts like every insider confides in him), & never seems to listen to himself as pours out paragraphs of obvious, uninsightful opinion. The one conclusion he doesn’t draw, & God knows how he overlooks it, is that the people running the United Ststes are lunatics.

  2. Bill Bowman Says:

    Yeah, but how do you really feel?

  3. Berken Says:

    It is such an absolutely shame that David Broder’s intellect has decayed like this. I’ve been reading the pundits a lot longer than most of the people and this man used to live in the real world. Now he’s floating along back in the ’50s, somewhere, where everyone liked Ike and Republicans were decent, thoughtful, mannered people who actually SET standards for behavior instead of violating them.

    Hey, I can even remember when George Will was an original thinker. He put out a column a quarter-century ago about Democrats (Tip O’Neil) criticizing their own candidates (Walter Mondale) and stepping on their soundbites. He knew exactly what was wrong with the Democratic approach to TV politics.

    Since then, most Democrats have still not learned how TV affects politics, neither has David Broder, and George Will became One With the Borg after falling in love with Reagan.

  4. […] Tucked within his typically shallow and flatulent column, David Broder let something slip. The Drowsy Dean of Pundits gave us a glimpse of his thinking. Well, maybe not “thinking,” but some other word will have to be coined to describe the sparking of synapses that occurs when a pundits lets his thoughts travel down the deeply worn tracks of conventional wisdow. […]

  5. Boudica Says:

    The column sure was a doozy. I wonder if he felt the smack of shame the day afer, realizing what a fool he’d made of himself. Broder’s ideas of torture seem to center on left leaning blogs. As for what the government plans to do to captives, why that’s just fine and dandy as long as they use nice words to discuss it. He is lost in the thicket, he doesn’t even know it. The mind goes first.

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