A moment of clarity

October 8, 2006

Before we plunge into the melee of the coming political week, let us pause, take a deep breath, and share a moment of clarity with Glenn Greenwald:

This scandal is like the Cliffs’ Notes version of a more complicated treatise on how the Bush movement operates. Every one of their corrupt attributes is vividly on display here:

The absolute refusal ever to admit error. The desperate clinging to power above all else. The efforts to cloud what are clear matters of wrongdoing with irrelevant sideshows. And the parade of dishonest and just plainly inane demonization efforts to hide and distract from their wrongdoing: hence, the pages are manipulative sex vixens; a shadowy gay cabal is to blame; the real criminals are those who exposed the conduct, not those who engaged in it; liberals created the whole scandal; George Soros funded the whole thing; a Democratic Congressman did something wrong 23 years ago; one of the pages IM’d with Foley as a “hoax,” and on and on.

There has been a virtual carousel — as there always is — of one pathetic, desperate attempt after the next to deflect blame and demonize those who are pointing out the wrongdoing. This is what they always do, on every issue. The difference here is that everyone can see it, and so nothing is working.

Could somebody please invent a new language with a vocabulary that will allow me to express, in fresh terms, the utter disgust and contempt I feel for anyone who continues to support Bush and his cronies?

There is no longer any excuse for continuing to buy into these lies, these sordid power grabs, these wormy strategies for wresting political advantage from death and tragedy. The blood of thousands of Americans killed on 9/11 goes unavenged, the lives of many more thousands of Americans and Iraqis cry out for justice, the very foundations of our government tremble as these sleaze weasels and their media lickspittles work around the clock to destroy everything that is good and noble about this country.

And yet there are still people willing to support them? I ask those people: Is it so important to you that gays not be allowed to get married? Do you really lie awake at night worrying that Paris Hilton and Steve Forbes might have to pay their fair share in taxes? How does it feel to know that you can be bought this cheaply, to know that you will play along with such transparent lies in order to . . . in order to . . . what? What are you getting out of this? Is your soul so rotten with hatred for liberals that you would prefer to see the car get driven off a cliff before a Democrat can take the wheel?

The shelves are groaning under the weight of books describing the Bush administration’s offenses; even the most fawning newspapers cannot keep the evidence of corruption, malfeasance and incompetence out of their pages. I simply cannot comprehend why anyone would vote Republican in this election. Or, for that matter how anyone who does vote Republican can call himself an American.

The election is only a few weeks off. We go into this battle with nobody on our side but a political party so cowed by years of playing the gentleman loser, so blinkered by the vanished ideal of “bipartisanship” and the hallucination that the GOP is as interested in governing as it is in ruling, that we might as well be shooting ourselves in the foot as we march to meet the enemy.

Well, the hell with it. Bring it on. Let the Republicans pull out all the stops. Wave your scary terrorist dolls, beat your liberal straw men for the thousandth time, send your campaign workers out to intimidate voters and confuse the issues. Open up your reeking souls to the daylight so we can see your true natures, once and for all. Get your peckers out, and at the end of the day, we’ll see who fucks whom.

5 Responses to “A moment of clarity”

  1. Denise Says:

    Hang On Brother. hopefully this disgusting parade will end soon – D.

  2. Hey I live in the Philipppines, and I hate Bush too. I was as astonished when he beat Kerry and got reelected. Hope the Dems do better this time around.

  3. Tod Says:

    Agreed. What is it that anybody could like about this admin?

    When Bush won the first time (ha ha) I was surprised. When he won the second time (maybe ha ha again), I was absolutely floored.

    My God! What do these people want?

  4. Mike Says:

    Only to add weight to this compliment, I am an emmy award winning writer. This is absolutely brilliant. Concise. The Nutshell. Thank you.

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