Polling the pod people

November 6, 2006

One of the things that makes Homo wingnuttus such a formidable opponent is the way members of the species just always seem to know when to fall into line. Time and again I’m reminded of the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers and the scene in which the pod people walking through the town square automatically converge on a truck that’s pulled in. They just know when it’s time to carry out a particular job.

This morning, right on cue, Jim Gearhart and the WhineOhWhinePointJive crew were carrying on about how negative and slimy the campaign has been, how disgusting and alienating the whole messy business has gotten, it makes you want to stay home and wash your hands of the whole business, wurra wurra wurra.

See, it’s the day before the election, and any good winger knows the task before him is twofold: energize the base while suppressing the independents and indecisive Democrats. Low turnout historically favors the Republican Party, and anyone who isn’t going to go with the Grand Old Perpwalkers should be encouraged to fall back on cynicism and stay home without casting a vote. Pretty ironic, considering that WhineOhWhine, with its relentless drumbeat of cynicism about government, has done more than most conservative players to create the slimy atmosphere of contemporary political campaigns. On Election Day, they encourage disgust and apathy; the rest of the year, they push anger and fear.

Anger, fear, disgust, and apathy. That’s quite a political legacy. They do what they do because it’s what they do.            


One Response to “Polling the pod people”

  1. Chucky Says:

    Maybe you prefer the War God & Family News.

    Thursday: The Pastor Ted gay-sex scandal breaks in Colorado.

    Friday morning: The War God & Family News runs a groveling front-page column — above the fold — saying “Read and discuss religion here”. Pastor Ted makes the AP wire but is suppressed by the War God & Family News.

    Friday evening: Pastor Ted is the lead story of ABC World News Tonight, CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News.

    Saturday morning: Pastor Ted gets 3 paragraphs in the War God & Family News.

    Saturday afternoon: Pastor Ted forced to resign from his megachurch.

    Sunday: Pastor Ted finally gets a big writeup in the War God & Family News — long after the TV networks and other newspapers.

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