Holy Joe hangs on in Connecticut

November 7, 2006

Too bad. The Democratic Lassitude Council types who neutered Ned Lamont while allowing Lieberman to run against the party are going to be sorry they held this viper to their bosom. The Democratic gains in the Senate are going to be negated by Lieberman’s fawning over the GOP.

At least Bush knows he’ll always have a hot date whenever he visits Connecticut. Keep that Binaca handy, Joe.


2 Responses to “Holy Joe hangs on in Connecticut”

  1. Bill Bowman Says:

    Lieberman ought to just come clean and formally change that “D” to an “R.” I mean, his being a closet Republican is the worst-kept secret since Jim McGreevey.

  2. Chucky Says:

    Wayne Madsen hints that Lieberman is kissing up to Michael Bloomberg. Just the ticket — the Republicans got wiped out in New York too.

    FWIW Justin Raimondo explains why Lieberman got re-elected (scroll to the end).

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