Three questions, one answer

November 7, 2006

Good morning, New Jersey voter. Today, when you step into the voting booth (and you are going to vote today, aren’t you?) you will see three ballot questions. Each is worded with all the clarity of VCR programming instructions written in Tagalog, translated into Aramaic, edited in Urdu and redacted in Classical Greek before being re-translated into something like English.

My advice? Shoot ’em down. No, no, and no.

The short explanation is that they represent budgeting by constitutional amendment. Fine-tuning the New Jersey state budget is the job of the legislature. If the legislature isn’t doing its job, then voters should identify the miscreants and send them packing. A great many of the problems we now face would be solved simply by paying more attention to what’s going on.

This has been a public service announcement.


One Response to “Three questions, one answer”

  1. Scott Stiefel Says:

    How’d that turn out?

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