One dolt down, how many to go?

November 8, 2006

What’s with all the cheering and champagne over Donald Runsfeld’s departure? I realize that he was one of the most odious members of an administration that keeps setting new benchmarks for contemptibility. but the damage has been done in Iraq. Changing the hood ornament after a ten-car pileup may be personally satisfying, but it doesn’t make much difference in real-world terms. And whatever the new guy turns out to be like, he’s still working for a self-absorbed creep who will continue to let U.S. troops die in a futile, unnecessary war until the moment he leaves the White House and the next occupant calls in the fumigators.

Speaking of Rumsfeld’s boss, today’s press conference was most interesting for letting us see the return of Pissy Prince George, the irritating git who debated John Kerry lo those many years ago. Nice of him to confirm with his own words that he was lying through his teeth when he told reporters that he wanted Rumsfeld to stay on forever and a day. But the fact that Bush is comfortable lying repeatedly in laughably obvious ways is not exactly stop-the-presses news these days.

Rumsfeld’s gone. Great. But the sleaze who picked him is still in power, as are the sleazes he surrounds himself with. They’ve got two whole years to explore new frontiers in incompetence and corruption while our soldiers die. So pardon me if I don’t join the line for the bubbly.        


One Response to “One dolt down, how many to go?”

  1. Scott Stiefel Says:

    I think the main thing they’re celebrating is not having to hear the same smarmy git with the affected debutante-like “sensibilities” blithering for the next few years.

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