Oh well

November 12, 2006

First the bad news. Russ Feingold isn’t going to run for president in 2008. As one of the few Democrats willing to show genuine leadership on the Iraq debacle and the Bush administration’s abuses of power, Feingold would have made an ideal candidate. Yes, Hillary’s got the dough and the name recognition, but her nomination would have the dual effect of re-energizing the GOP’s wingnut base while taking the steam out of many of the progressive Democrats who helped bring about the Tuesday sweep.

Now to the good news. With the Democrats now in control of both houses, Feingold sees a real opportunity to do some good and accomplish real things. He’s the man to do it, and if he comes out of this term with a real record of accomplishment that will make him an even stronger presidential contender going into the second decade of the new century.

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