Did he jump, or was he pushed?

November 14, 2006

I’d have recommended keel-hauling, myself, but whatever the reason, John Tierney will no longer be offering his glibertarian views in the New York Times.

Maybe he could no longer contain his frustration over the fact that his pearls of wisdom were ignored not just by swine, but by everyone else who reads the Times op-ed page. Or maybe he was distraught over the Democratic Party’s big showing last week. If the latter, then all I can say is that aside from Joe Lieberman hanging on, there’s been no downside at all to this election.

I know this news leaves you inconsolable. If, in your grief, you manage to stumble into the kitchen, uncork some champagne or pop a brew for me.

ADDENDUM: Ah, the shower of golden memories cascadeth down. Eric Alterman opens his scrapbook and shares with us John Tierney staking out a Zabar’s to accost liberal voters during the GOP national convention. Read it to your children and tell them you’ll disown them if they ever act — or, worse still, write — like John Tierney.

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