Just go away

November 22, 2006

The Republicans in control of Congress, miffed that the voters have denied them another turn at the government trough, have evidently decided to stop doing any work and leave it to the incoming Democrats to handle little things like keeping the country running.

A class act all the way, these Republicans.

When the Newt Gingrich crew took over Congress in 1994, we saw lots of headlines about the revolt of the angry white male. Now that their sleaziness and corruption have caught up with them, the Newties have morphed from angry white males into petulant white punks stomping off in a huff.

Hey guys, don’t go away mad. Just go away.


One Response to “Just go away”

  1. DBK Says:

    Good. Let the lame ducks limp away because they only screwed up whatever they touched anyway. If they don’t vote on spending bills, it means that much less pork they can pound in there before the Democrats take over. There’s enough to fix that this is just so much more.

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