Garden State Hate

November 26, 2006

Fort Lee has a chapter of the racist Council of Conservative Citizens. Who knew?

Livingston boasts not only a chapter of the National Socialist Movement, but the White Power Liberation Front as well. Watch out for those property values, folks!

And, look, the entire Garden State figures in the activities of the Ku Klux Klan, Women for Aryan Unity, and a Vancouver-based outfit called Hypatia Publishing that issues such “holy books of Creativity” as The White Man’s Bible.

It’s all the in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project report. Whether it’s the AC Skins or the Nation of Islam, hate cults are all over our fair state, and if you check the map, you might be surprised to see how close some of them are.


3 Responses to “Garden State Hate”

  1. Maybe this explains why there’s so much love for the Confederate flag up here?

  2. Rix Says:

    Jersey shore in the summer is literally a “hot bed” of neo-confederate beach towels.

  3. ronald scott Says:

    so this is news, jersey is one of the most racist states in the union

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