Pod people on the attack

November 29, 2006

Sure enough, NewsMax headlined its item on the frosty exchange between Senator-elect Jim Webb and King George II as “Webb Threatens to Slug President.” No, dolts, Webb didn’t threaten to slug anybody. He got angry over the president’s cloddish behavior but he handled it like an adult. If only we could say the same thing about Republican lickspittles still pouting over the fact that Webb evicted their beloved Macaca Man from the Senate.

Meanwhile, winger blogs and media spigots have been trying to smear Nancy Pelosi and her husband as “Democratic hypocrites” over labor practices at their vineyard. ThinkProgress details the nonsense. What’s encouraging here is that an ABC affiliate actually did some legwork to find out that the charges were a crock. It was not so long ago that it would have been standard operating procedure to treat the whole thing as a he-said, she-said pissing match and not bother trying to put it in factual context. 

As Matt Drudge would say, developing . . .


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