The bad sleep well

December 12, 2006

This National Review Online symposium on the death of Augusto Pinochet — the Chilean dictator, torturer and mass murderer, sponsor of terrorism in this country and defender of assassins and butchers within his own — reads like a chorus of hollow souls and empty heads. Any crime can be forgiven by these people as long as it allows them to do their reflexive sneering at the left. Utterly astonishing, utterly contemptible.

Saddam Hussein’s biggest mistake was not to fly Milton Friedman in for some advice on free-market looting, instead of merely Baathist Party looting. If he’d done that, he would probably still be ensconced in Baghdad, murdering at will and mouthing platitudes against Communism, and the trained seals of conservative punditry would be clapping their flippers and barking approval.    


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