The Opinion Mill’s Greatest Hits

December 27, 2006

When I made the jump to WordPress, I left behind a whole lotta archive and two collections of Greatest Hits from previous years of posting at The Opinion Mill.

I’m transferring certain files from my old handmade site, starting with the most popular posts from 2005 and 2004 and concluding with the past year’s most-linked items. They’ll be appearing here as new posts, but they’ll be filed under “Greatest Hits” in the WordPress archive.

Most of these items were heavily linked or even picked up outright by sites like Altercation, Crooks and Liars and Buzzflash. They have dates as part of the headline, just in case somebody out there might read the Terri Schiavo post and think there’s another ghoulish wingnut crusade going on.

The odd thing is how little most of these posts have dated. Not because my writing abounds in timeless insights, but because our conservative friends have a learning curve so shallow you’d need an electron microscope to find the slope.


One Response to “The Opinion Mill’s Greatest Hits”

  1. Scott Stiefel Says:

    I’d wondered when you’d bring in your archives. Thanks.

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