I’ll Tell You How This Ends

January 10, 2007

This WaPo profile of King George’s new top guy in Iraq opens thus:

Lt. Gen. David H. Petraeus, who is President Bush’s choice to become the top U.S. military commander in Iraq, posed a riddle during the intial march to Baghdad four years ago that now becomes his own conundrum to solve: “Tell me how this ends.”

The goofy pretentiousness of the writing aside, this is neither a riddle nor a conundrum. This is a simple question with a simple answer. It ends when the Democrats decide to end it.

The outcome is no longer in our hands. It’s been out of our control for a long time now. The only question is when the Democrats will step up and shut down this blood-soaked fantasy pageant launched by Bush’s lies, bungled by Bush’s arrogant incompetence and sustained by Bush’s ego. They have to do it.

To the Democrats now wondering about their options: You have none. Don’t think that by hanging back and hedging your bets you can avoid getting slimed by the wingnuts as the party that lost the Iraq War. The war is irrevocably lost. All we’re going to see from now on is a lot of side-stepping and hemming and hawing intended to run out the clock until the end of Bush’s term. Bush’s only thought now is to keep things going until he leaves office, so he and his sycophants can pretend the war was actually going well until (place name here) took over and messed things up. And if more Americans and Iraqis die for the glorious cause of protecting Bush’s delusional worldview, then so be it. It’s not like the 3,000-plus American soldiers already dead have caused these creeps any visible discomfort.

I’m pleased to see that several members of the New Jersey delegation are already on board with the growing movement to restore sanity to the halls of Congress. It’s not going to happen quickly, I’m sorry to say. There will have to be all kinds of parliamentary maneuvers and legislative measures.

A bill limiting the number of troops in Iraq? Sounds good. A bill demanding a timetable for withdrawals? That’s great — anything. The Democrats should force the issue, early and often, and they should force Bush to use his veto power. That will remind American voters of whose war this really is. It wil also remind the Democrats of what they are supposed to stand for.


One Response to “I’ll Tell You How This Ends”

  1. Sean Wilson Says:

    “…blood-soaked fantasy pageant launched by Bush’s lies, bungled by Bush’s arrogant incompetence and sustained by Bush’s ego.”

    And here I thought it had something to do with keeping the fight overseas, on sand, where blood soaks up much better. Seriously, whoever bought into WMD’s as the reason to begin was only too happy to allow themselves to be deluded.

    More people ought to read and study and they could save themselves a lot of stress and angst over what happens on the political stage. They might even figure out that the play has a theme inconsistent with the obvious mood.

    And speaking about delusional world views, how about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his administration’s preoccupation and official proclomations on an official Iranian government news site about the coming apocalypse?

    Great writing style, and you have some interesting things to say. I may even come back to visit from time to time. But you might want to open your eyes.

    It will save you from feeling like governments are lying to you all the time. Because, uhm, they are…

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