Daisy, Daisy . . .

January 11, 2007

A couple of years ago, I compared diehard Iraq War boosters to Robert DeNiro’s Max Cady at the climax of Cape Fear: handcuffed to a sinking boat, glaring, shrieking, speaking in tongues, still babbling in an unknown language even as the stormwaters rose above his head.

That comparison still applies to the more deranged warwhores — the ones found at Little Green Fungoids, for example — but a milder sort of dementia has been revealed in the reactions to last night’s pathetic speech. Witness the mewling of Jonah Goldberg, too tired and spun-out even to froth properly, he coughs up this hairball:

Here we have a president forthrightly trying to win a war, and the opposition — which not long ago was in favor of increasing troops, when Bush was against that — won’t say what it wants . . . Kerry, Pelosi and other Democrats were in favor of more troops before they were against it.

Kevin Drum pours disinfectant over this carpet stain-level remark, which I suppose is even now being loaded into the TelePrompTers at Fox News. But Jonah and the other tabbycats who want to become lions are starting to remind me not of Max Cady — that level of testoesterone is beyond them — but fey-talking HAL the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey, his voice slowing and slurring as Keir Dullea methodically removes his higher brain functions. Think of Bush as Dullea and you’ll catch my drift.

I hate to sound like Maureen Dowd, who apparently lets movie references do her thinking for her as she ponders the issues of the day, but the intellectual content of conservative discourse — hardly high to begin with at the dawn of the next century — has been steadily falling throughout the Bush years and is now gurgling down the pipes. “Over There,” delivered in full-throated tones at the start of the war, has degenerated into “Daisy,” getting slower with each press conference.               


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