The Fool On the Hill

January 12, 2007

That spike in greenhouse gas emissions you may have noticed was, in fact, produced by the bloviations of various Republican legislators over the proposed increase in the minimum wage.

It is a cornerstone of the wingnut worldview that shoveling massive amounts of money to Paris Hilton, Steve Forbes and industries that write fat checks to the Republican National Committee is the sure path to economic growth and prosperity. (And even when it isn’t — well, hey, the Republicans still have the fat checks.) Meanwhile, allowing a few more dollars to trickle into the pockets of poor and less well-off people is a surefire prescription for economic disaster and social chaos.

In the House of Representatives, all but one member of the New Jersey delegation voted to pass the minimum wage increase. That lonely loon was Scott Garrett (R-Bedlam), whose remarks on the floor only continued his status as one of the Garden State’s biggest embarrassments.

This is almost certain to get vetoed once it passes the Senate, but that’s fine. The Democrats seem to have learned that in a political fight it’s usually better to take the initiative and force your opponent to define himself in the areas where he is weakest. If the Republicans want to remind everyone of how indifferent they truly are to the working people, I hope the Democrats will keep on giving them every opportunity to do so.


2 Responses to “The Fool On the Hill”

  1. Bill Bowman Says:

    “Scott Garrett (R-Bedlam)”


  2. Paul in LA Says:

    “well, hey, the Republicans still have the fat checks”

    And cheeks.

    The great risk that Speaker Hastert would accidentally sit on Gw has now subsided. Sometimes his rearview video cameras malfunction.

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