Osama Bin D’Souza

January 17, 2007

The next few weeks are going to offer plenty of chuckles as wingnut think-tank homunculus Dinesh D’Souza makes the publicity rounds for his new “book,” The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsiblity for 9/11. This bib-stain of a  book lays the blame for Muslim rage against America squarely at the feet of — hold onto your hats — Bill Moyers and other members of the left-wing conspiracy’s  “aggressive global campaign to undermine the traditional patriarchal family.” In order to win the war on terror, according to D’Souza, America must reach out to Muslims and clamp down on those damned lefties and their notions about extending civil and reproductive rights to women and bringing gay people fuly into the public sphere.

There have been jokes about the American Taliban for a while now, but who knew this little Dartmouth Review punk was going to expand on the jest by becoming Osama Bin D’Souza? Even some of the advance notices from conservatives have an unmistakable WTF? tone, and I expect our little conservative capon will be thoroughly roasted in the coming weeks.

D’Souza obligingly served himself up as a dinner entree on last night’s Colbert Report, and according to James Wolcott there’s a scathing critique ready for delivery in the upcoming New York Times Book Review. Praise the Lord and pass the popcorn — this is going to be fun.  


3 Responses to “Osama Bin D’Souza”

  1. Bill Bowman Says:

    Wingnut extraordinaire Michael Savage made the same claim in his book, “The Enemy Within.” He also blamed Hollywood and America’s attitudes toward sex, which are equally fatuous reasons for Muslims’ rage against the US.

    As Osama bin Laden himself said in a March, 1997 interview on CNN, “We declared jihad against the US government because the US government is unjust,criminal and tyrannical. It has committed acts that are extremely unjust, hideous and criminal whether directly or through its support of the Israeli occupation.

    “For this and other acts of aggression and injustice, we have declared jihad against the US, because in our religion it is our duty to make jihad so that God’s word is the one exalted to the heights and so that we drive the Americans away from all Muslim countries.”

    Straight from the horse’s mouth. Anything else is horse shit.

  2. Caveat Says:

    Colbert did a nice job on him, basically made him admit he supports the terrorists. It was classic.

    Of course, he was easy meat – the man makes no sense at all. He’s like his girlfriend, Anorexic Annie who, by the way, should lay off the botox or she won’t be able to speak. Hey, wait a minute…

  3. TV Nation Says:

    D’Souza recently spoke at a military symposium, and I know that many (no matter how conservative) were thrilled to hear someone who has researched the topic. As opposed to those who depend on television reviews as their sole source of Opinion. Despite whatever your views are, it is refreshing to hear from someone who has informed themself on these things. He presents logical arguments. Do a little digging yourself and THEN present some semblance of informed opinion.

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