Loofah Man Strikes Again

January 18, 2007

The oldest wheeze in the conservative playbook is the notion that conservatism is a matter of thought while liberalism is a realm of emotion. El Rushbo himself has frequently said the biggest difference between lefties and righties is that lefties say “I feel” while righties say “I think.”

Sure. I’ve been getting lots of logic and rationalism from wingers over the past few years during arguments about the Iraq war and terrorism. Uh huh. What I’ve actually been getting is knee-jerk outrage that someone would dare to question the president’s actions. I’d say that during at least two-thirdss of the encounters I’ve had with wingers, it quickly becomes obvious that their politics is rooted in an instinctive need to bend the knee to authority figures. They see the president as a father figure who spends every evening tucking loyal Americans into their bunny pajamas and giving them a cup of hot cocoa. And if Big Daddy then goes down into the rec room with his buddies for a jolly evening of waterboarding detainees — well, those dark-skinned people must have done something wrong, or else why would Daddy’s friends have arrested them?  

Then there are the neighborhood blowhard types who had their mental filters put in place sometime back in high school and haven’t changed them since. Just like King George II, they go by gut instinct. Thinking with your GI tract instead of your brain is bound to get you into trouble sooner or later, and I devoutly hope some trouble is coming Bill O’Reilly’s way for his horrifyingly ignorant and arrogant bloviations about the Missouri abduction case. Those of us who prefer thought over feeling, when faced with a disturbing case in which a young boy is held captive by a pedophile for several years, knowing that all the facts are not yet in, would simply keep our mouths shut and wish the boy well. Instead, O’Reilly goes on the air and suggests the whole thing was a lark for the kid because he didn’t have to go to school while he was being abused by a hulking pedophile.

If there’s any justice in the universe, the kid’s parents will come after O’Reilly and take him to the cleaners.


4 Responses to “Loofah Man Strikes Again”

  1. JayMonster Says:

    IT would seem that the attorney’s at the Faux News Channel saw the same possibilities you are thinking. Apparently, last night (according to News Hounds since I can not stomach Faux News), O’Reilly was doing some backpedaling and trying to “clarify” what he supposedly meant.

  2. Alison Says:

    I think he was abundantly clear. Thank goodness for YouTube – I can see these things without subjecting myself to actually watching Faux News. I went ballistic over Rush Limbaugh’s rants about Michael J. Fox, but it was nothing in comparison to this. BillO went out of his way to make sure everyone knew that this kid was some kind of moron for not running away, and was solely to blame for his long captivity. I would love to see him get hauled into court for a hefty slander suit. Getting him taken off the air would be an awfully sweet bonus.

  3. Charles Says:

    O’Reilly got his ass kicked good and hard by Stephen Colbert the other night. That prompted the Associated Press to do a story.

    When Mr. Oxycontin goes in the slammer — as he inevitably will — WABC might just replace him with O’Reilly. After all ABC has a corporate policy of only employing right-wing bullies and fascist thugs on the air.

  4. Caveat Says:

    Well, Colbert did get BORe to admit he’s a wuss…but otherwise, I thought he was pretty soft on him…

    What I keep wondering is why there seems to be no accountability in the msm. They can make up ‘facts’, editorialize during ‘news’ reports, tell lies and present biased items that are so spun viewers have to take Gravol – and it goes on day after day, week after week.

    Why is that?

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