A Dimension Not Only of Sight and Sound, But of Mindless

January 31, 2007

You’ll definitely want to have some music from The Twilight Zone playing in the background as you read today’s Daily Howler.

It’s amazing how the denizens of Pee-wee’s Pundit House hear only what they want to hear. Hillary Clinton makes a joke about dealing with evil men, and instead of recognizing themselves as the target, the poor asses hear “Bill Clinton.”

Every now and then, The Simpsons will show something from the family dog’s point of view. It will be distorted, in black and white, and human speech will be reduced to “blah BLAH blah blah” until the dog hears something it likes, such as “food” or “good boy!”

Or, in the case of our media poodles, they hear “Bill Clinton.”

One Response to “A Dimension Not Only of Sight and Sound, But of Mindless”

  1. DBK Says:

    The right-wingnuts are obsessed with the Clenis. It is on their minds 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I offer, as substantiation, this photo, taken at the counter-protest to the peace march in DC this past Saturday. Note the sign about Osama bin Laden and Bill Clinton. Somehow, and forgetting that the Bush administration has failed in its vow to capture or kill bin Laden, the Clenis is part of the story. It is a very peculiar obsession.

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