Saturday Saturnalia

February 3, 2007

Last week we talked about the conservative perference for emotion over intellect — how so many conservatives appear to long for a big daddy who will tuck them into their bunny pajamas and lull them off to sleep with passages from the Ronald Reagan Storybook before heading downstairs to waterboard some dark-skinned people in the rec room.

Here’s another salient difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals want journalists to do their job better; conservatives want journalists to stop doing their job entirely. That’s why Bob Somerby is a liberal. When a New York Times reporter does a man-on-the-street interview with some dolt who says Barack Obama isn’t an American because he’s “from another nationality,” Somerby expects the reporter to point out that Obama is in fact a native-born American, otherwise he wouldn’t be abe to run for president. He’s not saying the reporter should act as an advocate for a particular candidate. He’s saying reporters should do everything possible to keep stories grounded in reality. That’s the difference between a reporter and a recorder.

And that’s why Hugh Hewitt tells a Newsweek reporter stationed in Iraq that he shouldn’t be talking to the insurgents at all, even if it’s to find out what they fighting for. That’s why Michelle Malkin and her wingnut brethren attack Associated Press reporters and accuse them of manufacturing stories. They’re conservatives. Daddy said everything’s going fine in Iraq, and anyone who questions that is simply a rotten person.


3 Responses to “Saturday Saturnalia”

  1. tsolum Says:

    Journalism has gone exstinct. Global Warming is now the hot issue, what do you get on the news, sound bytes, sky is falling! Overwhelming BS saying that scientist are in agreement. One report I read said that only 17% of the scientist asked answered the questions put to them. Well if 17% is overwhelming in this day and age, I need to go back to school and relearn my math. People allow these news outlets to feed garbage and they are only to happy to sit at the table and eat. This is supposed to be the information age, what a Joke!

  2. Steven Hart Says:

    Uh huh. Tell us about this study, please do.

  3. Curtisratt Says:


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