Still Schmucks

February 8, 2007

So now it appears that bloggers Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwen aren’t going to be fired from the John Edwards campaign after all. At least, that’s the sense I get from the press release that went out earlier today. And I still think Edwards and his people come out of this looking like a bunch of schmucks.

Let’s put aside the question of how Edwards could even pretend to have been surprised by the edgy stuff Marcotte and McEwen have on their blogs. His remarks that he found the posts “personally offensive” sound as silly as another candidate who, say, hired General J.C. Christian and then announced that he was personally offended by the joking about masculinity on JC’s site. If you vetted the choice of bloggers, then stand by them.

Because if a couple of pipsqueaks like Michelle Malkin and William “Hollywood is run by secular Jews who love anal sex” Donohue can cause this much trouble, what’s Edwards going to do when Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity turn on the afterburners? The only pertinent response to Malkin and Donohue would have been a list of their more hateful utterances.

Hey, Candidate Edwards: Attacking is what these creeps do. Get ready for it and keep your cool next time, because vitriol is the only weapon they have. I would have thought the lessons of the Kerry campaign had sunk in, but this ridiculous dustup makes me wonder. It’s way too early to start writing off any candidate, but even though he’s keeping Marcotte and McEwan on the staff, Edwards has made himself look weak and foolish to both sides.

Learn from this. 


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