Good Ink

February 14, 2007

A short walk from the executive offices of The Opinion Mill, a group of anti-war demonstrators has been meeting every Saturday morning for one of the longest-running and most consistent Iraq War vigils I’ve ever heard of.

The local prints have covered the vigil and related activities from time to time. Some of the stories are good; some of them not so good. Some of the stories deal with the factual points and issues raised by the demonstrators; some go for the cheese and highlight things that can be twisted to fit the stereotype of anti-war protestors as a bunch of leftover hippies who are only doing this because the Grateful Dead broke up. The vigil goes on anyway.

This column in the Home News and Tribune is one of the best pieces I’ve read. It emphasizes the human interest angle but never loses sight of the looming disaster that brings these people together every Saturday morning — even bitterly cold ones like last week. So let’s give credit where due — to the writer, and to his subject.


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