The Chronicles of Kearnya: The Saga Continues

February 19, 2007

Matthew LaClair, the gutsy young man who exposed the fact that a Kearny High School history teacher was using his classroom as a pulpit call for Christianist nuttery, will be attending the Kearny school board meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 20.

Though it’s possible that young master LaClair may be planning to make a prediction of which character will be killed off in the upcoming Harry Potter novel, it’s far more likely that he’ll be there to offer his thoughts on the board’s “Don’t Bother Asking and Don’t Even Try to Tell Us” philosophy for dealing with educational malfeasance.

You’ll recall that LaClair taped-recorded history teacher David Paszkiewicz informing his captive audience that evolution and the Big Bang were an unscientific hoax, that dinosaurs were part of the cargo on Noah’s Ark, and that only those who were down with the wingnut program were going to get a pass through the pearly gates. The school board responded with a number of weak-kneed measures, the most odious of which was to ban all future taping within classrooms — the only way LaClair had been able to prove his complaints in the first place.

The board meeting will be at 7 p.m. at Washington School in Kearny. I’m not saying you should go, but if you did, your rational well-mannered presence might help counterbalance the mob of religious hysterics that will probably be there as well. The values of American civilization have to be defended in all sorts of unexpected places, and if Kearny is one of them, so be it.


One Response to “The Chronicles of Kearnya: The Saga Continues”

  1. Jersey Guy Says:

    Has anyone contacted the ACLU about this? I’m sure they’d be happy to get involved. They’re at

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