Cash Down, Never Never

February 26, 2007

Asset monetization . . . Wait! Don’t run! I didn’t mean to scare you with that wonky term. I’ll call it “privatization.” There, that’s better.

This is an issue of immediate interest in New Jersey, because Gov. Jon Corzine has made it clear he’s very interested in leasing management rights to the New Jersey Turnpike as a way of fixing the numerous budget holes plaguing the state. But it’s an idea taking hold all over the country, so you might want to check in one this point-counterpoint debate on the subject at BlueJersey.

On the one side is Peter Samuel, editor of TOLLROADSnews. To say this guy is a passionate advocate of monetizing the Turnpike and plenty of other public assets would be an understatement. Every pro-monetization argument you’re ever going to hear on this subject is right at his fingertips. On the other side is . . . well, me.

The argument starts here and continues here. Updates will be posted as warranted.


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