Live! From the Island of Doctor Moreau!

March 5, 2007

Here’s a seven-minute guided tour through the dank, nasty soul of modern conservatism, courtesy of Max Blumenthal, who attended the Conservative Political Action Conference to capture the wingers as they flapped.

Hard to say what’s the most fun here. Is it Michelle Malkin flipping out when Blumenthal tries to get her to autograph a photo of Japanese-American civilians penned behind barbed wire? Is it David Horowitz going into full-froth mode over the hatefulness of liberals who want to eliminate racism? Is it the table for a black Republican organization, manned by a single white guy? All I can is that CPAC makes The Island of Doctor Moreau look like Club Med. Trust me — there are so many psychological quirks, behavioral tics, hypocrisy and outright wingnuttery on display here that beady-eyed Ann Coulter calling John Edwards a faggot is downright anticlimactic.

You know a movement and its party are in trouble when Grover Norquist is its most appealing spokesman for the entire weekend. Norquist delivers the bad news (for the GOP) that if immigrant-bashing is the party’s most visible position, then the GOP can look forward to a quarter-century or so of election losses. It’s not that Norquist is so offended on behalf of immigrants; he just recognizes that reduced Republican influence means fewer options for looting.

And the conservative meltdown continues . . . 


One Response to “Live! From the Island of Doctor Moreau!”

  1. geoff Says:

    Bob Barr and Grover Norquist seem reasonable in this clip. That says it all.

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