Bill O’Reilly is Outraged

March 18, 2007

The croissants! They were insufficiently fresh! Zut alors!

Perhaps this is O’Reilly’s version of Le Van Halen M&M Clause.


One Response to “Bill O’Reilly is Outraged”

  1. mary noble Says:

    bill hope everything going well……immigration…one of our most corrupt problems.congress senate and the politicans all aware-all part of the scam……let them in feed them-house them and get the vote even if the vote is illegal……meanwhile we are serving up our land our hardwork from previous generations to illegals who dont give shit about anything that this country stands for……….all our dead and maimed war heros, (our relatives, brothers, fathers uncles)who deserve the glory-these animals burn our flag take our resources, fight our school system, refuse to speak english rob our welfare system, demand rights they dont legally have-corrupt our society and bring their low life stanfards with them……uneducated and not caring just a handout ………..I am insulted, you can’t even get a taxi or car service to speak english, they speak there langue and prefer the fares of illegals….speaking the same langue……buses trains over flowing with illegals and congress says how did it get so bad…they knew-society is not unaware just stupid I no longer feel usa is my country, not anymore-news continually filled with the rights of illegals the needs of illegals….etc our governmant is one big fat liar………….and no can do anything about it because the courts are just as corrupt as washington….this is not what the constitution meant to happen………m noble

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