The Library of Babble

March 19, 2007

The way some black people collect racist memorabilia from the past, so does science blogger and academic PZ Myers collect wingnut anti-evolution books. (Personally, I have a weakness for Jack Chick comic tracts, which denounce evolution along with homosexuality, Catholicism and atheism, not always in that order.) Judging from the example Myers offers, creationists have been predicting the demise of evolutionary theory at least as often as Hal Lindsay has been predicting the end of the world.    


2 Responses to “The Library of Babble”

  1. Caveat Says:

    I always loved those crazy little comics, used to find them in phone booths, on the subway, had a whole boxful. I didn’t know they were a brand ha ha.

    Always liked the guy in the chair who asked the other guy to ‘check the book’ for the protagonist’s name.

    Thanks for the link!!!

  2. Rix Says:

    Jack Chick is a genius, which is why his crazy little comics are so awesome.

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