Red, Yellow, Green

April 4, 2007

Over at Strange Maps, one of the most interesting blogs I’ve yet to come across, there’s a map showing the state of evolution education in America.

The map busts a few stereotypes: the Carolinas, for example, both get green rankings and high praise for good-to-excellent handling of evolution in science curricula.

In other ways, there are (sorry to say) few surprises. Creationists and/or cowardly school officials have banished evolution from most of the old confederacy, as well as Ohio (“the E-word is avoided”), Illinois (“an embarassment”) and Maine (“useless”).

I’m happy to see New Jersey ranked among the green group, but there isn’t a whole lot else to be happy about. There are 18 states in the union ready to prevent their children from getting a decent education, and 21 that are doing an acceptable to mediocre job. That’s not remotely good enough.


2 Responses to “Red, Yellow, Green”

  1. Alison Says:

    It’s not just a crisis for evolution, but many other subjects. Evolution is just one of the most controversial. If you went state by state, you’d find amazing deficiencies all over, as the correlation between what’s tested under the No Child Left Behind act and the schools’ need for Federal Funding becomes the driving force behind the curricula.

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