Seeing ‘Red’

April 8, 2007

Kevin Smith, New Jersey’s second-favorite son, is working on a horror movie with political overtones, to be called Red State. There are those who, like me, once worked at convenience stores and therefore view Clerks and its sequel as horror movies, but according to Smith this is really going to be his own take on the genre, so I guess we’ll have to put aside those rumors that Smith’s next film would be an adaptation of Jim McGreevey’s recent memoir, with Jason Mewes in the lead role. (That was a joke, everybody, okay? Got it? A joke . . .)

But it is definitely inspired in part by wingnut preacher Fred Phelps and his gay-hating, veteran’s-funerals- picketing fellow fungoids at the Westboro Baptist Church, which is certainly interesting to those who, like me, enjoyed Clerks II but left it wondering if Monmouth County’s gift to world cinema was ever going to break out of the whole Jay and Silent Bob thing. Read about it here at the U.K. edition of Rotten Tomatoes, which promises to post the full interview sometime soon.


One Response to “Seeing ‘Red’”

  1. Alison Says:

    That will be one to see, IMO. I’ve seen all of Smith’s movies, and enjoyed most of them (he has no excuse for “Mallrats”, and should hang his head in shame for that one) and if this ends up as good as “Dogma” or “Clerks II”, we’ll be watching it more than once.

    He’s absolutely right that WBC, as small and certifiably insane as they are, is more horrifying than a lot of blood and gore. However, they’re also very easy to ridicule, and not much of a real threat. Even other fundie wingnuts think they’re idiots. If they had more of a power base, though, it could be the Inquisition all over again. THAT would be a good horror movie.

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