Real Blood on the Tracks

April 9, 2007

If Bob Dylan wants to record an album that sounds like the background music for the intermediate ballroom-dancing class at the Sunset Acres Assisted-Living Village, that’s his lookout.

Fortunately, Richard Thompson is on the job:

Of “Dad’s Gonna Kill Me, ” Thompson tells the San Diego Union Tribune that “sometimes you just have to name names. There’s a time and place for political music, a time to stand up and name the despots, and say: ‘People take to the streets, it’s time for the revolution.’ There’s a time for Neil Young to say ‘Impeach the President.’ And, God, this is the time.” However, lest fans think [Sweet Warrior] is a purely a political album, he reminds the Associated Press that “It’s kind of a war record, not just political war but also domestic war or relationship war. There’s a sweetness to it as well.”

“Dad’s Gonna Kill Me” isn’t a song about a kid who dented the family car; it’s about a soldier in “Dad,” Baghdad, wondering if he’ll survive to see his family again. It’s a pissed-off song for pissed-off times. And Thompson is only about seven or eight years younger than Dylan. Fancy that.


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