Golfing for God

April 10, 2007

Zach Johnson on winning the Masters:

I don’t even know what I shot, but I know that I had a lot of people giving me some good words of wisdom over the last week. My coaches clearly, our Tour chaplain, and being Easter Sunday, I felt like there was certainly another power that was walking with me and guiding me . . . Today, the only thing different was the fact that it was Easter. I felt like regardless of what happened today, my responsibility was to glorify God and hopefully He thinks I did.

Good to know that Mr. God Almighty, Esq., maker of the heavens and the earth, ruler of the cosmos and master of the universe, was making sure Zach Johnson didn’t land in the rough.

You notice how often it is that these protestations of faith and humility come off as insufferably arrogant and egotistical? What’s he going to call his autobiography — God Is My Caddy?


2 Responses to “Golfing for God”

  1. Alison Says:

    That’s ‘cuz they come down to “God picked me, his humble servant, to be better than you.” I can’t imagine God actually being interested in golf. He’s got an eternal lifespan, and golf is too long and slow for even us mortals to handle.

  2. Bill Bowman Says:

    I wonder if he was glorifying his god last night when he was reading the “Top 10 List” on the David Letterman show?

    “No. 9. I once beat a caddie to death with a 7-iron.”

    Them Christians just crack me up, with their death jokes and all.

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