Oh Well…

April 10, 2007

I guess Air America won’t be on the rebound anytime soon.


2 Responses to “Oh Well…”

  1. Sharon GR Says:

    As much as I wanted to, I just couldn’t get into Air America. Partially because I have to listen on the computer- their signal doesn’t reach the Center of NJ very well- and partially because I simply didn’t enjoy the shows too much.

    Give me NPR any day.

  2. Bill Bowman Says:

    I listen to Lionel on WOR on my way home when I have to work night shifts and I have to say he’s pretty good. So I think the move is a good one. He’s very intelligent and has a wide range of reference that he brings to ever discussion. Don’t agree with him on everything, but he is very listenable.

    One of AAR’s failings — in my opinion, anyway — was that they initially favored “entertainment names” — Garofolo, Franken, Winstead — presumably thinking that these folks would bring in the listeners based on their fan base, and would eventually learn how to do radio. That made for some pretty un-listenable radio, esepcially when Winstead got into full rant mode and tortured the airwaves with that high-pitched, nasally voice. And she never really had much to say, frankly. To me, she brought down Rachel Maddow (who is great) and Chuck D (also great, but wasn’t on nearly enough).

    Garofolo was an admitted surprise, I actually grew to like her and I was sad when she left. Franken was ok, but he just never learned how to do an interview. Sometimes, Al, you just have to shut the f up and let the person talk.

    Seder was just ok. He has a vocal tick that can be very distracting, and that has caused me to turn him off on ocassion. I think what did him in was one morning there was a technical glitch and they substituted Stephanie Miller, who is absolutely fantastic. That showed me what we were missing. Seder presents good information, but generally it’s nothing that I can’t get from reading the blogs (because, for themost part, his guests are bloggers). And I can do so without having to listen to that distracting “aaaah” he inserts every two or three words.

    I wish the local affiliate would pick up Miller’s show. She presents good information, and she’s entertaining. She has a guy who does some of the best voice impersonations I’ve ever heard, and her writers are hilarious.

    That’s the recipe, I think, for successful liberal radio: good info wrapped around a joke or two. ‘Cuz we’re not stuffy conservatives.

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