The Warrior Wimps

April 19, 2007

Strange, isn’t it, how the Republicans who spend their days calling liberals and Democrats a bunch of wimps turn into a clutch of shivering mice at the thought of facing left-wing protestors?

Day in, day out, winger commentators are denouncing lefties as a bunch of white wine and Brie scarfing pantywaists who can’t be trusted to carry out a decent war. But when these stalwart warriors get together for their quadrennial gathering of the wingnut flock, their terror of the pantywaists is such that they can hardly bring themselves to fly in unless the gathering place is surrounded by platoons of cops and miles of chain-link fence.

Mike Bloomberg’s complicity in the abuse of protestors during the 2004 GOP national convention in New York is a deep stain on what would otherwise be considered a pretty good record as mayor. And now it turns out that St. Paul is getting ready to spend over $4 million on security measures so the Spartan warriors of the GOP won’t soil their loincloths at the sight of some Code Pink ladies waving signs.

Some 10,000 demonstrators were arrested and manhandled during the GOP confab in New York, and most of the charges evaporated under the most fleeting sort of legal scrutiny. The worst political violence to take place in America in recent years took place in Florida in November 2000 when a mob of Republican operatives attacked the Dade County canvassing board as it attempted to evaluate and recount disputed ballots in the presidential election. Nobody rounded up those protestors and penned them into a dock on the Hudson River. In fact, the sternest reaction they faced was fawning praise from Wall Street Journal columnist Paul Gigot, who squealed in delight at the “bourgois riot” staged by the GOP.

So, by all means, let the St. Paul authorities squander millions of dollars to protect the Republicans from the scary liberals. As we have all learned by now, when the festivities get rolling, the real danger to America won’t be what the protestors do outside the building, but what the politicos are doing inside it.


10 Responses to “The Warrior Wimps”

  1. Brantl Says:

    I haven’t heard pantywaists used in a long time, well said.

  2. deadbouncer Says:

    Here…Here….Well said.

    Dead Bouncer

  3. Jason Says:

    This link shows that many of those so-called “Protesters” in Florida were plants sent down by their bosses on Capital Hill. Is it any wonder they got the hands-off treatment?

  4. Conservatives are scared of protestors? Yeah, I’d be scared of a guy who goes around burning flags and effigies and screaming “kill the President” too.

    Are these guys scared of protestors?

  5. themaddoctor Says:

    Funny how the current administration has assumed the manly warrior identity. Bush was a cheerleader in college, got out of Vietnam and then skipped Guard Duty. Cheney avoided Vietnam as well. Rove himself doesn’t look too manly either. While no big fan of Kerry, he did go down rivers in a motor boat with dense jungle for the enemy to hide and shoot.

  6. […] The Warrior Wimps Strange, isn’t it, how the Republicans who spend their days calling liberals and Democrats a bunch of wimps turn […] […]

  7. despicable Says:

    The WARRIOR WIMPS are pretty brave when they hide behind a white sheet and a pillow case with two holes on it so they can see their hapless victim that they are about to hang from a tree!
    The right wing fascist conservative republicans have always had a mob mentality!
    They are always brave as hell when they are in a large group facing the enemy of one lone individual.
    The reality is that they are like freightened little children that only feel safe and manly when they are carrying gun, in a mob, or bullying someone much smaller and weaker than they are!
    These so called warriors are always willing to go to war as long as they personally are exempt from being in harms way!
    The Republican warrior wimps are motivated by fear of anything and everything that is foreign and different from what they are!
    The United Nations consists of a bunch of foreigners so they can’t be trusted, according to these right wing warrior wimps!
    Look out you gay faggots the warrior wimps will make your life misserable! All you foreigners that don’t speak like us,… members of the master race, …will be sent back to where they came from!
    The Warrior Wimps will keep America pure by establishing in America, an oppressive police state so that all these Warrior Wimps can feel safe!
    I think that all of them should be institutionalized before they hurt someone!

  8. marcos Says:

    How much was spent on security for the DNC in Boston in 2004? How much will be spent on the 2008 convention in Denver?

    I think your outrage about St. Paul is manufactured and unsubstantiated. Maybe manufactured outrage is what it takes for you to maintain your interest in politics. I think adults have enough to be outraged about and don’t need the imaginary as motivation.

  9. Munaeem Says:

    Please add me in your blogroll.

  10. I am no Republican, but I think that your comments are pretty far out. Here in the Denver area at least, I have seen very little in the way of security when it is the so-called right that has something going on. When the so-called left stages an event, there are police all over the place.

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