An Experience Beyond Words

April 25, 2007

At first I thought wingerblogger Michelle Malkin was simply providing some wanking material for her legions of lovestruck fans. She couldn’t possibly be serious, I thought. Then I remembered — I was talking about Michelle Malkin.

Go and see. Just remember I warned you not to be holding any drinks near your keyboard when you click on play.


5 Responses to “An Experience Beyond Words”

  1. Bill Bowman Says:

    That just made me feel dirty. I was expecting to see a link so I could fill in my credit card information.

  2. Sharon GR Says:

    Oh, my.

    I have to go take a shower now.

  3. Steven Hart Says:

    I can’t wait for the next role-playing scenario from the Malkin household to hit the YouTube. Michelle as the rebellious schoolgirl, Hubby as the stern disciplinarian teacher keeping her in detention . . .

  4. DBK Says:

    What the hell was that?

  5. Caveat Says:

    How old is she? Eleven?

    What an Uncle Tom…

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