Surprise, Surprise

May 7, 2007

Remember that front page Washington Post story last week that said the Democrats were dropping their demand that any Iraq funding measure include a timetable for withdrawal?

Turns out the story was nonsense. The Democrats have made no such concession.

I’m not making any claims for myself as a clairvoyant, but I held off from posting anything about the story because it seemed pretty fishy. Since the majority of Americans want us out of Iraq, and since an even greater majority of Americans want Bush out of the White House, the story made no sense. The Democrats may yet trip themselves up in the negotiations (and let’s bear in mind that Pelosi and Reid can’t simply snap their fingers and bring about the desired result) but with the fresh air of oversight and accountability once again blowing through the halls of Congress, I’m not going to assume the Democrats are waiting for their first chance to take a dive.

Of course, that’s the conclusion so many pundits and bloggers were eager to reach, because as this blogger points out it fit so snugly into the prefabricated frame of “divisions within the Democratic ranks” the Beltway crowd has been using ever since Nancy Pelosi became Speaker.

And even when they didn’t entirely buy the story’s premise, the press people didn’t treat it as potentially a bit of disinformation floated from the GOP side. They framed it as evidence of fractures within the Democratic Party.

All this during a week in which a debate among Republican presidential aspirants demonstrated only that after a half-decade of unchallenged power, the GOP cannot find a candidate who will appeal to the general public while passing muster with the religious obsessives that make up its base.

But it’s the Democrats who are supposed to be divided and fractious. Go figure.


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