Jihad With Cheese in New Jersey

May 10, 2007

It seems only fitting that a terrorist plot supposedly based in part on information gleaned from pizza deliveries would get cheesier on closer inspection.

So as New Jersey broadcast and print news outlets are in the throes of a massive attack of Jack Bauer Fever over allegations that six bozos had a notion that they’d like to attack Fort Dix, it’s a little disconcerting to realize that the prime mover behind the plot appears to have been the very FBI informer who blew the whistle on the scheme:

The informer, sent to penetrate a loose group of men who liked to talk about jihad and fire guns in the woods, had come to be seen by the suspects as the person who might actually show them how an act of terror could be carried off.

Indeed, over the months that followed, as the targets of the investigation spoke with a sometimes unfocused zeal about waging holy war, the informer, one of two used in the investigation, would tell them that he could get them the sophisticated weapons they wanted. He would accompany them on surveillance missions to military installations, debating the risks, and when the men looked ready to purchase the weapons, it was the informer who seemed to be pushing the idea of buying the deadliest items, startling at least one of the suspects.

Of course we’re in the early stages of this investigation, and we haven’t seen all the information. But I have a hunch that when the smoke-blowing and ominous announcements are over, this case is going to look as overblown as the tale of the Miami terrorists, who turned out to be barely capable of blowing their own noses, much less the Sears Tower.

Meanwhile, the bar for dealing with this “new breed of terrorists” is being set awfully low:

“What we are witnessing here is kind of a brand new form of terrorism,” Jody Weis, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Philadelphia field office, said in announcing the arrests Tuesday. He said threats today come from smaller, more loosely defined cells and individuals who may not be affiliated with al Qaeda but “are inspired by their violent ideology.”

So — the pizza plotters had no real plan, no real weapons (though they did shoot some paintball guns) and no real leader except the the guy sent to bust them. Yessir, that is indeed “a brand new form of terrorism, yep, uh huh. I’m just glad this is going to play out in court, where we’ll have a good shot at opening this case up to the sunlight.


44 Responses to “Jihad With Cheese in New Jersey”

  1. Vile Whig Says:

    Sounds like the FBI got hold of a script David Chase threw out……..

  2. Chucky Says:

    I have two words for you: Agent Provocateur.

  3. Terri Says:

    Thank you! I was beginning to think I was the only one who thought the whole thing might be full of nonsense.

  4. mr bigstuff Says:

    i got here from crooks and liars.com you are the only one who has called this alleged terrorist plot for what it is. these losers couldn’t blow up a baloon let alone a military base. w and his bunch of fools are acting like they finally caught bin laden.

  5. Greup Says:

    Hehe, and at the same time the US government refuse to bring a real terrorist to court.

    Luis Posada Carriles, suspected of terrorist attacks on Cuban hotels and a passenger plane in 1976, has been freed of charges on immigration fraud in the US, and the Americans refuse to extradite him to Cuba, because he might face torture there.

    What do you think would have happened if it was American hotels and planes Posada attacked? The US would probably have sent him to Cuba (Guantanamo) to torture him.

  6. Boynton D. Knipple III Says:

    When an agency tasked with enforcing federal laws and protecting the American people has failed so miserably for so long, it behooves them to seek and embellish this kind of low hanging fruit.

    Q: Where were these brilliant minds prior to 9/11?

    A: They were covert. Translation–working “inter-rectally.”

  7. This sounds like the story out of Miami last year about the group that was planning to blow up the Sears Tower or something. Turned out they were just a bunch of guys who bit when tempted with money and promises. Seems the FBI had for all means and purposes set them up and they took the bait. They, in reality, didn’t have the capabilities to blow up a balloon.

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  9. MarkedExcess Says:

    So, are you suggesting they are innocent of any wrongdoing and should not have been arrested?

  10. Boynton D. Knipple III Says:

    On the contrary, this case *must now* be prosecuted with the same degree of public availability in the media as the initial ‘perp walk.’

    Justice must be served with Constitutional rights guaranteed to “The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight’s” American citizens.

    As for the illegals, they should also be held accountable, judged fairly and be sentenced, at a minimum, to deportation if they are exonerated.

  11. Dr. Acula Says:

    I wonder how much $ the FBI wasted on this case?

  12. Puffy Says:

    I agree with the general sentiment and hate to split hairs but the alleged terrorists did have a few guns, which they practiced shooting (poorly, apparently) at a firing range. Though it’s highly unlikely that the pizza delivery guy could’ve smuggled his buddies past the gate guard into Dix, he could have, in theory, gone in solo and killed some people (most of whom are unarmed on a military base). Some folks have speculated that the wannabe jihadis would have posed a greater potential threat by staying outside Dix and firing on queued up motorists waiting at the gate to get on to the base.

    Also, in my reading of the FBI Complaint, the alleged terrorists’ commitment to the mission seemed inconsistent. In some cases, they spoke bravely, othertimes, not so. This might support the theory that perhaps they were influenced (consciously or not) by the paid informants.

    The official complaint also indicates that the first informant lied to the investigators at one point (regarding the identity of a friend whom he had called and whose identity he wanted to protect). Although the FBI explains away this act of deception, I can’t help but wonder whether a jury should or could trust someone who has a vested interest in a case and is known to have lied to his keepers. (Most of the evidence cited in the complaint came from this first informant.)

    The motives of a paid informant are worth exploring when questioning whether he might have influenced is observees. Not just anyone would be willing to put themselves in the kind of prolonged danger and inconvenience that infiltrating a group of suspected terrorists might pose. I would think that such a person would have to be compelled by some pretty strong motivators. What were the motivators in this case? Just money?

  13. Bobo Says:

    No, they are suggesting that the FBI has a long history of infiltrating nascent groups, terroist or otherwise, and inciting or provoking them to move forward from angry blather to ACTUAL action.

    That’s why people view FBI informants with a jaundiced eye. You never know if the alledged bad guys were resolved to commtting a crime and actually moving forward…OR, if the Agent Provocatur was the driving force.

    So…be skeptical.


  14. Bobo Says:

    SORRY, My reply (above) was to “MarkedExcess”. Sorry didn’t realize people would post so fast.


  15. Rebecca Aguilar Says:

    I thought the air had been deprived of oxygen when this “terrorist plot” story broke.

    Pinning something like this on MORONS who would have been undetected but for their pizza cravings?

    Thanks for the fresh air.

  16. ann Says:

    The only time the FBI can report that it has twarted another terrorist plot is when they create the scenario. But dontcha feel all warm and safe and fuzzy about Bush now? He’s really working hard to keep us safe.

  17. MarkedExcess Says:

    So, let’s assume what we know about these morons is basically correct, and assume that they weren’t significantly manipulated by the FBI agent.

    Should we laugh it all off, as if they were 5 year olds running around the backyard with plastic guns yelling bang-bang? Or should they do a long stretch in prison? Or something in between?

  18. John Clavis Says:

    Have you ever noticed that when someone antagonistically starts their comment with “So are you saying…”, they usually follow by intentionally mischaracterizing the argument being made, so as to be able to prevent cognitive dissonance by maintaining the notion that all dissenters are crazy America-haters.

    For example:

    “MarkedExcess Says:
    May 11th, 2007 at 10:32 am
    So, are you suggesting they are innocent of any wrongdoing and should not have been arrested?”

    It’s kind of like when you suggest to your spouse that they NOT wear a particularly ugly article of clothing, and they respond by going “Are you saying I should go outside NAKED?!?”

    It should be obvious to anyone who can read and who isn’t mentally retarded what the point is being made here.

  19. orby Says:

    so….this has just been bugging me for a while….

    why exactly are these guys referred to as “terrorists”?

    they were targeting a *military* target. they apparently had no plans to kill civilians. are now any attacks on our actual military units considered terrorist acts? does anyone in the media (or the government) know what the word “terror” actually means?

  20. Tareq Says:

    At least, one finds some intelligent Americans 🙂
    When one watches how Americans are so happy that they caught a bunch of guys like these, one wonders “Are Americans that weak that they need to boost their self-esteem, glorify themselves, and feel proud over “capturing” a bunch of guys like these (you can’t even call them a gang, not to mention a terrorist cell)?”

    But sadly, you, the intelligent Americans, are a minority. 😦

  21. alisbasement Says:

    This is a straight up witch hunt and these guys are being framed. Proud (and innocent) Muslim Americans, who are just trying to achieve the American dream like everyone else, now live in fear due to this form of entrapment, what is this world coming to?

  22. Legalpad Says:

    The moment the story broke, timed to distract from and offset damaging news on Iraq, it was obvious that this was a propaganda set piece. They’ve had this in the can for over a year. Read Webster Tarpley’s book, Synthetic Terror. He explains how the FBI carries out these stunts. Recall the one last year in Canada when the group got busted having a fertilizer bomb they were accused of being about to use? Guess who delivered the components to their door? The Royal Canadian Mounted Police. None of these stories has real substance. The true criminals are in the White House. 9/11 was an inside job; this is just part of the mythmaking to keep the larger fraud alive.

  23. BDIII Says:

    While these weren’t exactly innocent wee babes, this case does seem to be treading awfully close to entrapment… much like the case outta Miami last year.

    But, of course, that’s pre-9/11 thinking. Silly me.

  24. Out Raged Says:

    Wonder what the real terorists are up to while we waste time and money on a bunch of guys who couldn’t find their asses with both hands and a map.

  25. Ellen1910 Says:

    I’m just glad this is going to play out in court . . . .

    Not a chance. They’ll plead.

  26. LoudPatriot Says:

    Where’s Osama?

  27. LoudPatriot Says:

    Oh. That’s right:
    “I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.” GW March 13, 2002

  28. Stus Says:

    Can you say Cointel? Was this informer a deliberate FBI mole/agent provacateur sent to infiltrate the community in New Jersey looking for the type of jerk*ffs who would go along with a rapidly escalating plan like this to attack a military base? Or was he just another shlep who got scared and called the Feds? That is something I don’t get from the reporting.

    And the timing is sooo convenient, when the public is getting tired and disillusioned about the Forever Wars in Iraq and GWOT.

    “I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.” GW March 13, 2002

  29. Rufus Says:

    My Rule: If anyone wearing a blue jacket with FBI stitched in yellow on the back approaches me and asks if I’d be interested in blowing up Fort Dix, I always decline. Keeps me out of trouble.

  30. Margaret Says:

    If you think this is bad, just take a look at the karate chopping jazz musician, Tarik Shah. It is another clear case of entrapment.

    Osama bin Laden has promised to kill 4 million Americans and all the government can do is get informants to entrap not very bright people. Shah had no weapons, no plan, and no contacts with al-qaeda. If any case is cheesy, this one certainly is.

  31. Nelly Says:

    Wow…ya see in Germany we have a saying “Einmal mit Profis arbeiten” it popped into my mind when I read your post “Can’t we just work with professionals, once?”

  32. Obviously none of you little snots have ever been in a fire fight. If you had you would know that even a bad shot can kill you.

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  34. gwaltrip Says:

    Wow, Denial in Action. Now you know why we don’t trust you liberals and Democrats with National Security.

  35. Mbrown Says:

    True enough that the cheese covered “Dix Six” never had a serious chance of pulling off their planned attack. However, those nincompoops will find their place in history. The significance of the event is the undeniable evidence that the Bush National Security priority is paying off. Like it or not, President Bush will go down in history as the first to dent the growing terrorism danger. The Bush administrations’ efforts are the very reason for your thesis, “But I have a hunch that when the smoke-blowing and ominous announcements are over…” He will therefore become one of the great Presidents by your words.

    This war is not over by a long shot.

  36. Steven Hart Says:

    That’s rich, gwaltrip. Liberals and Democrats would know which country to invade. They’re also more interested in catching Bin Laden than entrapping pizza men. Go back to watching “24” now.

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  38. Liberals and democrats would know which country to invade? Ooh… that’s a good one. wait… liberals don’t invade… they launch cruise missiles!


  39. raincoaster Says:

    When you ban anchovies, only the terrorists will have anchovies!

  40. Mike Says:

    mmm…..anyone else feeling safe and secure right now…

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