Moore is Less

May 11, 2007

Though the timing of the story raises suspicions about hoopla and grandstanding, the U.S. Treasury Dept. appears to be investigating documentarian Michael Moore on suspicion that he took a group of ailing workers to Cuba as part of his new documentary Sicko, an expose of American healthcare that’s set to debut at the Cannes Film Festival. Moore may find himself charged with violating the embargo against Cuba.

The “embargo,” of course, is a joke — anyone who’s been to the Caribbean knows how easy it is to enter Cuba from one of the other islands. Cuban authorities obligingly refrain from  stamping American passports, and everybody makes money all around. The practice has fueled a kind of sex tourism industry in which Americans visiting the country can snag themselves a girlfriend (or boyfriend) in exchange for a little money and a few meals during their stay. A great idea, that embargo: not only has it helped to keep Castro in power, it’s turned the entire country into a brothel.

So if the feds are indeed getting ready to prosecute Moore, I think we can put aside any thoughts about their concern for the law. Any action they take will be payback for Moore’s temerity in finding and publicizing the videotape that shows what our swaggering warrior president really did on that fateful morning — i.e., he sat in blank-eyed, mind-numbed panic.

While I thought Fahrenheit 9/11 was Moore’s finest work — the reliance on found footage kept his usual dicking around with facts to a bare minimum — I am frankly dreading the release of Sicko. After decades of paralysis brought on by conservatives screaming about socialized medicine, the country finally seems ready to talk about a rational health care system for America. If Sicko turns out to be more schmuckery along the lines of Bowling for Columbine, the movie will only help to muddle a long overdue debate.  

4 Responses to “Moore is Less”

  1. hymes Says:

    Well if Moore doesn’t address the unholy alliance between big Pharma and both doctors and supposed patient advocacy groups in the U.S. and limits himself to the problems with managed care, which his mass emails before filming seemed to indicate was the case, he will have missed the major problem facing the U.S. health care system.

  2. Mmhmm… top sign that someone’s gone insane: they start agreeing with Micheal Moore. I mean, good grief, he can’t even manage to find a decent shave and a haircut.

  3. gwaltrip Says:

    You thought Farenheit 911 was Moore’s “finest work”? Compared to what, a train wreck?

    That film has been shown by many (including some honest liberals) to be false, deceitful and filled with lies.

    As for free health care, there ain’t no free lunch, baby. Socialized anything means there will be less of it, at poorer quality and higher prices.

  4. Chucky Says:

    Very convenient of the Bushies to announce this politically motivated prosecution. It comes as Bush crony/CIA asset/Cuban exile Jose Posada Carriles is freed from a US jail.

    Posada Carriles is wanted for blowing up a Cuban airplane back in 1976. Venezuela (where the flight originated) and Cuba correctly call this man a terrorist.

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