Thin Air

May 14, 2007

I listened to as much of Lionel as I could stand this morning, and I have to agree with this blogger that the Air America concept has finally cratered. I realize that the venture was screwed by greedy weasels even before it left the gate, but since then the programming decisions have run the gamut from wobbly to weird, and very little the station has done has made sense in either the short or the long term. Very sad.      


3 Responses to “Thin Air”

  1. whatladder Says:

    I am so disappointed by “Air America 2.0” so far. I loved Al, and Sam (especially when it was Sam and Janeane), and I love Rachel, which makes me tremble for her. I am even quite fond of David Bender, but it seems like his 1 hour format is on the way out.

  2. Bill Bowman Says:

    Anything is better than Seder. He has this annoying vocal tic where he aahhhh sticks in an aahhhh just about aaahhhh every aaahhhh other aaaaaaaahhh word and it drives you aaaahhh to distraction when aaaahhh you’re trying to aaaaaahhh listen. AAaaahhhhhh.

    Beyond that, he wasn’t afraid to take things out of context to prove his points (even if what he said wasn’t entirely borne out by what he was quoting, once you saw the entire quote) and he had on as his guests mosly bloggers who said the same things you could have read on their blogs. I found myself tuning to other stations most of the time.

    I wish the New York AAR flagship would bring on Stephanie Miller. She and her gang are a riot.

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