A Wedding in New Jersey

May 16, 2007

Since marriage equality is a cause I can support 100 percent, come say hello to Amy and Alice and throw some figurative rice their way:

. . . the take-away: despite the fact that “gay” marriages aren’t recognized as such in New Jersey, Amy & Alice got married anyway. And they signed their civil union papers too. I saw two people who really really wanted this-who love each other, are committed to each other, and ready to declare it within the bounds of the law–as civil partners–and beyond it, as a rabbi declared them joined. several of those gathered were moved to tearful speeches afterwards, but I didn’t need the speeches to be moved to tears. I was moved by their actions–not to wait until the world suits them, but to proceed according to their conscience and according to the home they want to build for themselves and their young boy. I think they envision a world for Ben that doesn’t have the sorts of prejudice and ignorance and narrow worldview that is the background noise passing for national discourse these days. I think they envision a country where one can follow one’s bliss without the need for societal approval, only the legislated principle that their experience is equally valid to any other citizen’s and is recognized…we can all help promote this reality by recognizing them ourselves…They did it. And I’m proud to know them. And I’m honored that I was there. I admire and love them for it. And I hope that weddings like this become a bigger fad than frisbees…

But wait! Aren’t these just the sort of people the late Jerry Falwell accused of bringing on the 9/11 attacks?


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