They Don’t Die, They Multiply

May 17, 2007

Only a month after Grist magazine posted a handy list of debunking answers to the usual winger nonsense thrown out by what are laughingly referred to “global warming skeptics,” New Scientist steps forward with its own list of answers to those undying, always-refuted-and-then-rebooted zombie arguments that keep shuffling allong no matter how many times you shoot them down.

The kind of stuff you see on wingerblogs that run “Day By Day” alongside pictures of Al Gore as Godzilla, brilliant attacks such as: “If humans are causing global warming, then how come the ice caps on Mars are melting, huh?” Chances are, you’ll see some of your faves on either list, or both. Because in wingerland, old lies are like Bebe’s kids — they don’t die, they just multiply.   


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