They Broke It, But We’re Not Buying It

May 24, 2007

It appears the Democratic penchant for plucking defeat from the jaws of victory is alive and well.

I held off from commenting on the Democratic leadership’s collapse over the Iraq supplemental bill because I wanted to consider the possibility that it was a realistic compromise, that the Democrats had managed to win some good domestic programs and would get back up to continue the fight against Bush’s war. In short, I was looking for a silver lining. Forget it.

Sorry. Can’t make it work. Reid and Pelosi have screwed themselves, undermined their party and failed America. They owe their positions to the fact that Americans want to see an end to Bush’s fantasyland war. They clearly lack the guts to oppose the most incompetent and corrupt president we have ever seen, a president whose words inspire weary disgust among rational Americans and whose authority is all but gone. If they can’t come through on this, then they must go. Get real or get lost.

If, as we hear from many sources, there are Democrats who are afraid to go to the mat over Iraq because they don’t want to end up “owning the war,” all I can say is get a grip. Bush’s strategy — in fact, the length and breadth of the Republican strategy at this point — is to stall any decisive action until the end of Bush’s term. That way the whole bloody mess can be dumped in the lap of the next (presumably Democratic) president while Dubya swaggers back to his ranch, delusional sycophants showering rose petals across his path. That way, when the inevitable happens in Iraq, they can say it’s the other president’s fault, not Dubya’s.I’d prefer to think that the Democrats would want to take a hard line with Bush simply because they want to put an end to a sleazy war that grinds up American soldiers while providing our enemies with strategic training and propaganda fodder.

But if all those considerations aren’t enough, let’s throw in the political incentive: the Republicans are desperate to get the responsiblity for Iraq off their hands, and delaying tactics are their best way to do it. A “compromise” that gives Bush a blank check to keep playing games with the lives of others only helps them in this contemptible game.

Now is the hour. Americans hate this war and they’re sick of Bush’s lies. They’ve had it up to here with pious nonsense about “supporting the troops” by keeping them in needless danger. Bring this situation to a head now. Vote against this compromise.


One Response to “They Broke It, But We’re Not Buying It”

  1. rick Says:

    The spinelss capitulation of the Democratic leadership is made all the more disgusting by the parliamentary machinations they are providing to give cover to the hypocrites that vote for this steaming pile.

    See this thread at the Smirking Chimp:

    I sent messages to Pallone, Menendez and Lautenberg, but it looks like we may not get a chance to see how they vote. Pathetic.

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