May 28, 2007

What Gary Kamiya says:

. . . on this haunted Memorial Day, as we wait impotently for hundreds more American names to be etched on walls, and for tens of thousands more Iraqis to die, it occurs to me that this day should not primarily be a day of remembrance. Yes, we should and must honor the dead. But the best way to honor them is to embrace the humanity of those who are still alive. And bring them home.

Those of us who do not believe in Bush’s war — and that is a majority of the people in the country — owe those who have died in Iraq more than respect and memory. We owe them righteous anger. We owe them outrage over a president so desperate and delusional that he is willing to pay with their blood to delay his day of political reckoning. We owe them our continued commitment to end this futile war.

For they are our comrades, too, even if we never shared a foxhole.

Here is a list of New Jersey military personnel who deserved better than what they got from their government.


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