Today’s Quote

May 29, 2007

I think a lot of us who’ve wasted a lot of time arguing with Bush sycophants and right-wing fantasists about the Iraq war will recognize what Joshua Micah Marshall has to say here:

There’s a very troubling, but not very surprising article in today’s Times about the outward flow of jihadists from Iraq into neighboring countries. Lebanon, Jordan are cited as examples. But one could likely list all the neighboring states and Europe and the United States as destinations for fighters either trained in the Iraqi insurgency or wielding methods honed there against American troops.

On its face it is almost a storyline you might expect war supporters to embrace — Iraq as the central front in the ‘War on Terror’, a breeding ground of terrorism now spreading to other countries. Again we see the leitmotif of the president’s war on terror — evidence of the abject failure of his policies marshaled as evidence of the necessity of pursuing them.

We’re so far deep into this mess that sometimes I believe we’re past the point of argument. You look at the evidence and you either see it or you don’t. Or perhaps more agnostically, you look at the evidence and one of two completely contradictory narratives makes sense. Whichever is right, the assumptions brought to the issue are so divergent as almost to defy argument or debate.

The last time I argued with a winger about the Iraq fantasy war, I ended up quoting Robert Duvall’s character from the film True Confessions: “If you fall down in crap and you wanna call it clover, that’s your business.” Really, what else can you do? All the lies have been exposed. The corruption and incompetence have been laid out for all to see. I can understand why the president refuses to budge — he has everything to gain by blocking a withdrawal until the end of his term, after which he can try to assign the blame to his successor. But the junior league wingers in the blogs and the college Republican types have nothing to go on beyond the surly refusal to acknowledge that on what will probably be America’s defining issue of the first half of the 21st century, they were appallingly wrong.

We tried to help, guys, but we can’t do all the work for you. And by now, if you haven’t figured out how you got ganked, or if you’re still too churlish to deal with the reality of the situation, then there’s no reason for me to waste another second of my time on you. You just go on and cook up your mythology for the First Church of the Heroic Dubya and leave us the job of preparing for what happens when the jihadists turn their Bush-funded expertise against America.


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