Return to Reason

June 1, 2007

I’m no great fan of Hillary Clinton — I’d much rather see John Edwards or Barack Obama in the hot seat for the presidential election. But to give credit where due, I have to note that the senator recognizes the need to rechannel government spending back into real science after six ruinous years of political manipulation and faith-based pork barrel spending by the Bushies. This country desperately needs to have people in power who recognize the difference between a real doctor and a witch doctor.

I also like the news that Al Gore’s book The Assault on Reason is about to debut at the top of the New York Times bestseller list, where it will share the stratosphere with a biography of Albert Einstein and a book that severely criticizes religion. I’m not going to say this forecasts a new Enlightenment, but it does suggest to me that after nearly a decade of mumbo-jumbo and crap piety, Americans are ready to hear about real things — and the people who stay focused on what’s real.


2 Responses to “Return to Reason”

  1. geoff Says:

    Does this mean the Park Service will stop selling How the Biblical Flood Carved the Grand Canyon for Dummies?

    Everyone knows that it was Paul Bunyan who yoked Babe and tilled the Canyon.

  2. The people reading these books are the same people who normally read books. We need to reach the crowd that only reads the Bible or the Left Behind series…

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