The Conservative-English, English-Conservative Dictionary

June 3, 2007

POLITICALLY INCORRECT 1. Bigoted, stupid and/or unfunny (cf, Miller, Dennis). 2. Consumer warning that contents of entitled book will be discredited tripe for lazy thinkers and career racists: The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwin and Intelligent Design, etc.

TERROR ALERT 1. Sign that George W. Bush’s poll numbers need to be boosted.

WAR ON TERROR 1. Life insurance policy for Osama bin Laden. 2. Resume-fluffer for members of the Bush administration. 3. Global pork-barrel spending initiative that might actually catch a terrorist once in a while, if only by accident.

“AL GORE” 1. Mythical creature that claims to have invented Internet, is too fat, needed wardrobe advice from Naomi Wolf and is just too gosh-darned smart for his own cotton-pickin’ good. 2. Monster whose face is frequently seen on dimwitted conservative blogs, photoshopped onto the body of Godzilla. 3. Demonic assistant to BILL CLINTON whose attempt to take control of the White House was undermined by “Clinton fatigue” and defeated by the Hand of God, working through the U.S. Supreme Court, which used divine inspiration to cook up a decision that it was careful to say could never be applied to another case. (Careful readers will distinguish “Al Gore” from the actual Al Gore.)

One Response to “The Conservative-English, English-Conservative Dictionary”

  1. gavin immerson Says:

    “Upper down vote”:Simplistic syllogism supposedly the essense of Democracy, cited incessantly by the Pubics, except in cases of minority.

    “Pubics”:Descriptive of strickly constructed fundamentalists who are constantly tittilated by erroneous notions regarding what others do with their fundaments whilst assidously covering their own.
    2/Measured response to “Democrat Party”, an obvious and invalid attempt to conflate liberals with fancy mule carts.

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