Submitted For Your Approval

June 7, 2007

At first I thought this surrealistic exchange between Bill O’Reilly and Carl Bernstein, author of the season’s two Hillary Clinton books, read like dialogue from The Twilight Zone. Now I think it’s Kafka-Lite flavor is closer to the old TV series The Prisoner:

O’REILLY: Did she [Hillary Clinton] break the law?


O’REILLY: OK. Good, I like this. How did she break the law?

BERNSTEIN: She broke the law if, indeed, she perjured herself.

O’REILLY: Well, you just said she did break the law.

BERNSTEIN: No. The special prosecutor determined that she did not. So he did not file the charge.

O’REILLY: So you think she did. But the special prosecutor, Ken Starr, said no.

BERNSTEIN: That is co — you know what? Let me be really straightforward. I don’t think she broke the law. I think there was a time that she did not tell the truth.

O’REILLY: Under oath?

BERNSTEIN: You know, I wasn’t in the room.

O’REILLY: But seven years, Carl, come on, you’re a tough guy. You got to come to a conclusion.

BERNSTEIN: No. I think that she has a longtime problem with truth telling. And that that is one of the things that has hobbled her through her years in the White House, continues to. And now the question is — you know, this is a book about a life, a remarkable, epochal, American life.

O’REILLY: OK. I got it. I got it. But I want to get specific into what you know, because you’re the Watergate guy. All right. Why does she have a problem telling the truth? Why?

BERNSTEIN: I think all people have problems telling the truth when they’re under the most pressure. And the question is how much do they succumb to it?

O’REILLY: And she succumbed to it, in your opinion, all the time?


O’REILLY: Once in a while?

BERNSTEIN: Some of the time. Some of the time. I think she has a problem with it. I say it very clearly in the book. I think — however, I think that her problem with truth telling is as much one of obfuscation, omission.

She wants us to have a certain picture of herself. She wants to control her image. She wants us to control —

O’REILLY: But it’s a little troubling if she becomes president, and we can’t — you know, it reminds me of the guy, [entertainment mogul David] Geffen, out in L.A. You know, you must have smiled when you heard Geffen say the Clintons have brought lying —

BERNSTEIN: I think we’re barking up the wrong tree here.

So she broke the law but only if she broke the law which she didn’t really do, except Bernstein wasn’t in the room at the time. Got that?

One of the reasons I cringed at the thought of Hillary running for president was the prospect of having to listen to all the old anti-Clinton garbage yet again. These Hillary books are, I fear, only the vanguards of what’s to come.


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