New Jersey is Russia

June 20, 2007

And Delaware is Romania. Texas is Canada, California is France and Utah is Peru. Oh, and Hawaii is Nigeria but Alaska is Belarus. It’s all in this map that matches states with the countries with equivalent GDP.


5 Responses to “New Jersey is Russia”

  1. DBK Says:

    Missouri is Poland.

    Don’t forget Poland.

  2. Manuela Says:

    Great idea! Delaware is Romania huh? Its not good for Romania — we should have been doing better by now.

  3. Peter Quennell Says:


    I was looking at this same post on and clicked through here as comments there seem to be closed.

    The NY and NJ state domestic products the guy uses are wildly inaccurate.

    NJ is not $733 billion it is below $500 billion

    And NY is not $621 billion, it is closer to $900 billion

    I see there are comments saying the same thing below the guy’s post.


  4. NJ Girl Says:

    Ask anyone who’s lived in Texas and they will tell you that Texas is NOTHING close to Canada. I’ve been to both places and I can verify that this statement is true.
    New Jersey, on the other hand, does share some Russian similarities.

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