Lesbian Rapists With Pink Pistols!

July 7, 2007

How could I pass up the chance to write a headline like that? Though the Bill O’Reilly-trumpeted “news” story, as examined by the folks at Orcinus, is contemptible even by wingnut standards.

Gosh, the things I miss out on by not subscribing to the FreaxNews Channel.

2 Responses to “Lesbian Rapists With Pink Pistols!”

  1. P. Bell Says:

    Laughable all the way, of course, except for the wanton manipulation of facts to maliciously target a minority sector within society.

    Inspired copycat repercussions are always a risky consequence of such irresponsible reporting. If there is even a modicum of truth in any of it, then both the reporting and the sordid activity warrant swift intervention.

    To quell any rampant speculation and undeserved air-time that such a spurious account is bound to attract, why can’t some self-respecting reporter simply contact the named? schools where these young people are supposedly active?? … wouldn’t that effectively deal with both of these two aforenoted undesirables?? … or are journalists unwittingly complicit themselves, by failing to make this obvious and simple enquiry to put an unequivocal end to such sensationalism?

  2. stefan Says:

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