TimesRejects TimesSelect

August 7, 2007

According to this story, anyway. And about time, too. I never understood the logic behind cloistering op-ed columnists while leaving the news content, gathered at great cost in time and talent, out in the open for all comers. When the media universe is already awash in vapid conservative commentary, who wants to pay good cash money every month just to keep up with the latest maunderings from David Brooks?

One of the unexpected benefits of the rise of the blog universe was to hasten the decline of the Cult of the Columnist, and its core belief that somebody’s opinion was automatically worthy of respectful attention because he managed to hog a certain amount of real estate on an op-ed page. Nothing David Broder, George F. Will or Richard Cohen have written in the last few years has been remotely as insightful or entertaining as the best bloggers I read every day. 


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