What a Wild Duet!

September 4, 2007

They may walk alike and look alike, but the Lonegan brothers of Bogota, N.J., definitely don’t talk alike. That’s because Bryan, the smarter of the two, is a lawyer specializing in immigration issues, particularly abusive detentions and deportations. Meanwhile, older brother Steve Lonegan, is the mayor of Bogota whose jihads against bilingual advertising and work to exploit hysteria over immigration regularly loft him into the upper ranks of the One Hundred Most Embarrassing New Jerseyans.

According to this New York Times article, the brothers stopped speaking to each other a couple of years ago in large part because of their clashes over immigration:

“For the last two years, my brother’s been on an anti-immigrant kick,” said Bryan, reacting to Steve’s recent suggestion that the Bogota police be deputized as federal immigration agents. “He’s playing a very dangerous game, and he’s doing it for political points, not because it makes sense in the community, but because this is a way for conservative politicians to hold on to what they’re losing.”

It’s grimly appropriate that the wingnut-fed hysteria that’s destroying immigrant families all over the country on a daily basis is also disrupting the family life of a knave like Steve Lonegan.


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